Shimano Spinning Reel

Shimano spinning reel

Shimano spinning reel is the test winner in many tests. Here are a review of spinning fishing reels. Spin reel is the type most people pick to allround fishery, both in saltwater and freshwater. With this equipment you can comfortably handle fish from the smallest and up to 22 lbs, only if you have chosen the right reel quality – and proper fishing line. It demands a little training to use a spin reel.In return it is easy to use when you are familiar with it.You can cast far, it is easy to replace line and on most of them you can mount the crank on the both side of the reel. For the youngest fishermen it can take some time to learn to operate such reel. But kids down to 5-6 years old can quickly learn the technique. There is numerous reels to choose from, and it can be difficult to separate the bad from the good. In a store most of them feels good but it is when you actively use the reel you can determine if it is good or bad. There is two types of spinning fishing reels. You can choose between drags behind the reel (rear drags)or on top of the reel(front drag). There is reels that just costs $30,while others can easily cost $1000, and of course in any price layers betwween these extreme points. What you gain by going up in price is you will have a reel where every solution regarding to discs and ball bearings are more spent on.You will then have reels with longer life time, and which is “kinder” against the line. The drags are more reliable and works properly. A well known fishing magazine in Norway with the well known fisherman Henrik Strømstad has tested spinning reels in all price classes and the conclusion is that Shimano spinning reel is the best in any classes. His suggestion to new fishermen is to buy a reel little more expensive than you had in mind. More expensive reels are more reliable when it comes to execution and handling.


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