Esca And Pike Lures

Esca and pike lures, what does that mean you may think. I will explain this for you. Esca is a new invention from a Norwegian company called Esca Global A/S.

This company has combined a natural phenomenon which has been around for millions of years to fishing lures. In the night or at deep depths different creatures in the sea have evolved a light organ to navigate or attract other fish, either for spawning or for catching prey fish.

Esca Global A/S has through years of development made small units which create light.These can be placed near lures or baits to attract any kind of fish.

Research during a long period proves that this is super effective because most fish species are naturally attracted to light in the evening or night.

The units contains materials which reacts with the salt molecules and develop light. Because it demands a certain amount of salt in the water it is limited to be used in saltwater and brackish water. However, it is possible to use this new invention for those who do pike fishing in the sea as pike manage to live and reproduce in brackish water.

This unit generates its own energy just by being in water with saltiness, and it last at least 100 hours in the water.

Just attach this unit in front of or between the lure and hooks of your pike lures or other fishing lures and expect more catches.

The company guarantee much better fishing results or you will have your money back without reservations.

Esca weighs 9 grams and have blue or green and have different blinking frequensies.

Check out this new revolutionary invention and get ahead of your fishing friends.

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