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Early Spring Bass Fishing – Jerkbaits, the Deadliest Lure Known to Bass
By Gregory Jackson

Early spring bass fishing season is approaching fast. Warmer weather, warmer water temperatures, and cabin fever have many anglers tuning up their gear in anticipation of a great bass fishing season. We all know that early spring bass fishing can be as unpredictable as the weather in Indiana. Hot one minute, cold the next. However, there is a lure that you can add to your arsenal to greatly increase your chances of boating a limit or a trophy bass this time of the year. Let’s call it a secret weapon, if you will, and the secret weapon is the jerkbait.

Yes, these so-called jerkbaits or small lipped, minnow shaped diving baits can be downright deadly on bass. Jerkbaits can be a little more difficult to use than other lures, but when fished properly, they will call bass from amazing distances which is a bonus in early spring since bass are often times cruising around the shallow to medium depths looking for a meal. What separates the jerkbait from other lures is that you can crank it fast, crank it slow, pause it, twitch it, jerk it, suspend it, and basically use it to tantalize the fish into striking it. Which is just what the doctor ordered for those finicky, early spring bass.

The jerkbait is not a lure that you fish just by casting it out and reeling it back in. You have to work it with your rod tip and your reel. Once you have mastered the art of working a jerkbait, you will be able to finesse the fish into striking. With a this type of lure you will be able to produce an irresistible motion that you cannot get with other lures. This is what makes it a great cold water bait.

The secret to catching early spring bass is finding them. Constantly moving, looking, and searching is the key to locating early spring bass and a jerkbait is the perfect lure for doing this. Jerkbaits are great search lures. Fish them in shallow water less than 10 feet deep over weeds or other types of cover close to spawning areas in early spring. Put your foot on the trolling motor and don’t take it off until something bites. Cover lots of water and then find other places to duplicate the pattern.

Jerkbaits come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some float, some suspend, and some sink. If you are not already relying on a jerkbait for early spring bass fishing, then I would recommend giving them a try. Select a variety of these types of lures then tie one on and give it a try. You’ll be glad you did and you just might find a jerkbait to be one of the deadliest lures known to bass.

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