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Fishing With Jigs – Over Looked Big Bass Lure!
By Brian Stover

Once you have mastered fishing with jigs you will catch more bass than you ever have. Jigs are unfortunately not used as much as they should be to catch big bass. Tournament fisherman will not go without them.

To successfully fish jigs for active fish just present the jig close to the bass and he will come and strike it. At times you are going to have to put the jig right in his face to get bit. Their have been times I have cast ten times to a great looking spot without a single strike and on the the very next cast I have landed a five pound bass. The difference was the cast that caught the fish was more precise than the previous casts.

Cast your jig, let it fall on a tight line and when it is on the bottom reel up any slack line and lift your rod tip from ten a clock to eleven a clock paying attention to any line movement or twitches. If you see or feel either set the hook immediately. Also try swimming your jig very slowly with your rod tip at ten a clock this can be very productive. Look for heavy weed or wood cover, or flooded brush along with submerged trees.

In deep water reel the jig until it makes contact with some type of cover. When it does, stop reeling and just squirm the jig into the cover barely moving it forward. The strike will come on the pause almost always. In shallow water if you do not get a strike on the drop just let your jig lay motionless, bass go crazy when you fish this way. If you still have not had a strike yet go to the lift drop retrieve with long pauses before lifting your jig again. Cover is definitely the key to fishing with jigs.

Now that you know some information on the best bass lure jigs, for more detailed information on this subject feel free to visit my website Here: Fishing With Jigs.

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