Pike`s Look

A pike (Esox Lucius) is the only representative of its kin in Europe. In East Asia there is one additional relative to the pike and in North America there are three pike kin represented.
A pike’s characteristics are very individual, and they cannot be mixed with any other fish in Europe.

The body is long with an oval cross-section and the head is big with long powerful jaws which have an under bite. The dorsal fin is placed far back and the eyes are big. The pike has relatively small shells and the numbers of shells found on the side of its body are little over hundred.
The side-line, which is a sense organ, is well developed. In addition to the side-line the pike has more sense organs which belong to the same system. The side-line’s extension channels in the head are also well developed.

The pike has a grey green color with dark cross stripes and yellow, oval spots. The cross stripes are most visible on smaller pike, but otherwise the color tones can vary from one fish to another and there can be significant variations in the appearance of pike even within the same body of water.