Pike`s Size and Weight

Really big pike are always females. Male pikes rarely achieve a weight more than 11lbs (5 kgs). For a pike to reach the really high weight classes it takes regular and rich access to nutrition and at good growth conditions in the first years. From the very comprehensive pike material which was gathered in a Swedish freshwater laboratory, it stated that only one out of 200 female pike weighs more than 11lbs (5kgs), while only 7 of 1000 male pike are over 4.4lb (2 kgs). The material which forms the foundation for these numbers are gathered from large areas which contain several waterways that have different conditions for pike.

The relationship between body length and weight varies between different pike. Such weight differences does not only relate to how much food the pike has in its stomach or the stage of gender gland development, but also how quickly the pike has grown and its type of physique.
It is clear that a pike””s speed of growth become less the more northern you are. Studies done in Middle-Europe shows that pike grow best when the water temperature is 18-19 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, growth slows. Besides water temperature, nutrition and population density play a big role in the speed of growth.

There can be large individual differences among pike in the same lake when it comes to speed of growth, but as a general rule a pike””s growth potential is very large. The results of pike outputs in Sweden demonstrates this:
Pike fry were put in water that did not have any other pike. When the pike were 5 years old, the largest was 105 cm long and weighed16.3 lbs(7.4 kgs).

The pike””s growth season is very short. Growth begins after the spawning period and ends in September. Pike do eat in the winter but in northern areas they do not grow and their size will not increase.

Pike Fishing