Spinning Travel Fishing Rods

Spinning travel fishing rod

After a few years all sports fishermen find their own favourite fishing rods and fishing methods. No matter what you end up liking, there is today always equipment that suits your style like hand in a glove-only if you look at the right places and ask the right questions. Traditionally seen should fishing rods be 2 parts.Luckily the traditions change all the time,and therefore are multiple part rods more popular than ever. Spinning travel fishing rods are most popular for now but baitcasting rods are slowly catching on. Manufacturers that has come far with these rods are St Criox spinning rods and Shimano Spinning rods. A person which travel alot abroad, in a car or on the mountain should replace 2 part fishing rods with 3 to 5 part rods, while these is as good as the “old”, but incredible much more practical in use. This rod is one of the biggest sales successes with rods in this class, ever. Beastmaster STC is 5 part “unbreakable” rods delivered in a tube. Even the sea fisherman can today thanks to new technology put his sea fishing rod in a little sack or a suitcase without concerns for breakage. Want to travel and try new pike fishing places? Check out spinning travel fishing rods in our store.



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