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Brook Trout Fishing With Micro Spinner Baits
By Scott R

Fishing for native brook trout is a blast. However, a good majority of the time people bait fish for them, and they kill or injure these small little gems. Lure fishing for them will result in pretty bad injuries if you use treble hooks, but very few lures work without at least one treble hook.

One of the most incredible lures for small brook trout are small spinner baits. The single hook on the lure prevents serious damage to the fish and allows for quick and easy release. Additionally, the lure is quite flexible in moving water. You can reel it up through current and the blade will flicker calling in fish from a distance, or you can skip it off the bottom, kicking up dirt in an attempt to imitate a small bait fish.

Tipping your spinner bait is good experimentation. One of the best tactics is to tip the hook with a small twisting tail grub. The tail will drive brook trout crazy, and will impart action to the lure when it is not moving. If you don’t want to use plastic, you can always buy the spinner baits blank, and tie some of your own unique creations. If you do that, pretty much any color will work, as long as you don’t make the body too large and inhibit the ability of the fish to get the hook around its mouth. Tying the lure off in browns and blacks usually works quite well, as the majority of bait fish will be dark colors, as well as the majority of insect life.

Grab some trout spinnerbaits for your next outing. If you are a bluegill fisherman, take a look at these recommended bluegill lures

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