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Bass Fishing Tactics – Fishing Weedless Spoons
By Jeremy D Battis

I bet you didn’t know that weedless spoons are among the oldest of bass baits, and they are no less effective today than they were a half-century ago! Below I will give you some basics as to what weedless spoons are, and some tactics for bass fishing with them.

The majority of weedless spoons have some type of wire, plastic or nylon bristle weed guard to keep the hook from fouling in dense weeds or brush. Some types are designed to run beneath the surface, while others sorta skitter across the surface. Most of the time, weedless spoons are often tipped with a pork or plastic trailer, this helps grab the attention of bass.

Subsurface Spoons- These metal spoons sink rapidly and can be fished through dense vegetation. Because of their heavy body, they can be cast long distances allowing you to cover lots of water.

Some subsurface spoons have a spinner or propeller at the front for extra attraction and additional lift.

Surface Spoons- These spoons have a light plastic body, they are easy to slide across the surface, and so they work well for fishing over matted weeds. The downfall is that because they are so light, one cannot cast to distant targets.

Here are some tips and techniques to fishing weedless spoons for bass:

Crawl a surface spoon over matted weeds to draw up bass buried beneath the thick vegetation. If you reel too rapidly, the fish won’t be able to home in on the bait. Remember, they need to see the bait or at least the shadow before they strike it.

Reel a subsurface spoon with a pork rind attractor through dense vegetation. The lure will have a highly erratic action as it bumps off the weeds.

Best time and place for weedless spoons:

Typically the water temperature should be over 68 degrees for successful bass fishing. So the summer time is the right time to be using weedless spoons. Even on a really hot day, you can have luck with weedless spoons because bass will retreat to dense grass or lily pads due to the cooler temps provided there.

On a bright hot sunny day, you may want to cast right through the middle of the vegetation, but on cloudy days stick to casting along side of the vegetation because bass will stay near the edges waiting for baitfish to swim by.

There are many ways to being a successful fresh-water bass angler, but most people do not know the secrets in order to so. Bass fishing is by far one of the greatest sports and offers so many opportunities to bring home a trophy bass! Discover how to catch more bass that are twice as big and out fish your friends by visiting my blog and signing up for my FREE online newsletter to find out how to do exactly that – Go here:

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