Trout Spoons

Trout Spoons

Best Trout Fishing Lures – Spinners, Spoons and Rooster Tails
By Phillip Wayne

Best lures designed for trout fishing are spinners, rooster tails and spoons. Lures are designed to mimic a trouts natural prey. Before fishing, do some research on the area that you will be fishing to see what bait fish inhabit the lake, river or creek that you will be fishing. It will greatly increase your chances of snagging that monster trout you have been dreaming about. You will also want to check the clarity of the water and you can make a decision on the color of the lure you will need. Typically for dark or muddy water a brighter colored lure is required.

Spinners are usually around 1 inch long and can fished under the water. You can change the depth that a spinner dives by adjusting the speed at which it is retrieved or by changing the weight of the spinner. The different seasons can call for the use of different lures. In the early spring trout are generally slower and at the bottom due to coming out of their hibernation period. So its best to fish a little deeper but not to hang the bottom and not so shallow you pass the lure over the trouts head. It will take some adjustment in choosing the proper depth by changing the weight of the spinner or the speed in which you reel.

Spoons are shaped, kind of like spoons I guess that is where they get there name. When reeled in they wobble to imitate a small bait fish. The only thing is if there are no bait fish in the area the trout may not hit the spoon. It is still a good lure to try, but its success will be determined on what the trout are feeding on that particular body of water. It all come back to trying different lures to hone in on what they are eating.

Another successful lure is the rooster tail. They commonly have a tuft of hair on the end and are to mimic a minnow which is a trouts natural prey. They can be fished underwater or on top of the water depending on the speed at which it is retrieved. You can also change the depth at which it dives by adjusting the tip of rooster tail.

These are very good lures for catching trout. You will have to try each one until you zero in on the trouts chosen bait that day. Like I said there is a number of factors to consider when trout fishing so do a little homework on the area you want to fish and it will greatly improve your chances at a successful fishing trip.

My name is Phillip Wayne and I am a trout fishing expert. I have spent a lot my life to understanding and catching trout. For more information on Trout Fishing Lures, or feel free to visit my website at

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