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Lauri Rapala invented his wobbler in 1936 right before the war. It was made of wood and silver paper. He got so many fish on his rapala lures that the rumours spread like wildfire. From then until today, crankbait lures are more popular than ever and the popularity keeps increasing. The special thing about the crankbait lure is its movement, and how it is made. There is a "lip" that points downward which is mounted on the front. The angle and size of the lip affects both movement and depth.When it is pulled through the water it drag itself down and keeps itself there. At this point, the body of the crankbait shakes as if it is "posessed".In fish language this means "Please come and take me!" Crankbait lures is also always horizontal in the water, and therefore the hooks will always be in the same place. This allows the use of more hooks and they can naturally be attached without messing up. We know all that predators attack the head, so it can swallow the fish with more ease.

Every fish which eats other fish are possible to catch with crankbait lures. When trolling for pike, nothing is more popular than crankbait lures. Rapala lures has achieved more sports fishing records than any other brand. An example of good rapala lures is the Rapala Jigging Shad Rap, which is a swimming jig. This is the markets most solid steer fin and it makes a good silhouette under dark ice. A new exciting wobbler is the Rapala 09 Clankin Rap. These are unique fishing lures rapala and has a powerful sound because of an innovative chamber for a rattling ball right under the coating and an extremely high metallic sound is transferred into the water. It is also easy to throw extremely far. Rapala lures are a good choice when fishing for Northern pike and a good selection of these crankbait lures are a "must" for every pike fishing enthusiast.


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