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Fishing Hooks Mustad

Fishing Hooks Mustad

Many of today`s pike anglers use fishing hooks mustad when they go pike fishing. Mustad has developed a wide range of hooks for any type of fishing. Here is a quick review of the most common hooks mustad.

Signature Signature is the worlds most advanced fly hook programme. Signature hooks are recognized for their extreme strength and sharpness and that they are designed inside the AlphaCode-system. The Alphacode-system is the ultimate system for the design and classification of hooks, developed by Mustad through the signature concept. For example, the gap opening (distance from the hook-tip to the hook-leg) on a #2 salmon hook, is exactly the same for a wet fly hook R50 #2, or a S71S SS O`Shaughnessy saltwater #2 hook. This is not a size system to confuse the fly tyers, but instead an understandable “language” based on Mustads original and is made consistent, proportional and simple.

Classic Fly Mustad classic is the traditional fly hook which has been produced and sold to fly tyers worldwide throughout generations. The assortment has constantly been improved over the years as technology and production methods have developed. The assortment consists of sharp, strong hooks and classic flies and imitations.

UltraPoint UltraPoint is a three-way, high technology grinding process that makes a unique combination of strength and sharpness. First, the tip is evenly grinded with the outer part of the tip ground in a steeper angle. By doing it this way, minimal metal will be removed. At the end, the tip will be sharpened chemically. The result is stronger hooks with tips that really stand though harsh treatment without losing sharpness and penetrating ability. Fishing hooks mustad are the best in this.

Big Game If you go for the strongest and toughest fish, you need the strongest and toughest hooks. Big Game has been the worlds best selling of its kind for more than a century. The hooks have well over half of all world records and wins most of the biggest fishing championships. Long Point Hooks Mustad long points are light hooks for competition fishing. The hooks are outstanding in quality where strength and tip are concerned, and are developed in co-operation with one of the worlds most winning competition fisherman, Alan Scotthorn.

Classic Mustad classic hooks are best sellers that have been standard tackle in fishing creels for several decades worldwide. The purpose of the series was to offer good quality basic products at reasonable prices. The hook pattern is still the same, but Mustad has constantly made improvements in material and workmanship over the years.

Jig Heads Jig heads are specially developed UltraPoint jig hooks, with a Black Nickel finish and a strong and flexible thread/wire. There is also an anti-corroding layer on the head and cone. The head is perfectly placed in the hook angle to achieve best possible casting and bait movements and there is a new cone-shaped ring system for attaching artificial bait.

Jigging/Assist Hooks There is a new selection of jigging/assist hooks for sea fishing. They are the strongest and sharpest Mustad UltraPoint hooks with a jigging Braid (braid line) Multifilament. The knots are individually tested.

Lure Ryder Hook Lure Ryder is the latest thing when it comes to increasing the chance of good hooking when you fish with soft plastic baits. When choosing fishing hooks mustad as your hook choice when going pike fishing, you can rely 100% on their abilities and concentrate on the right thing – getting the fish on the hooks. Hooks mustad for sale can be found in large numbers when searching these store pages.


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