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Ice Fishing Jigs

Fishing for pike with ice fishing jigs can be the most effective way of catching pike. I have caught several hundreds of them nearby waters with this technique. The advantage of pike jigs is that you can fish along the bottom with a hook facing upwards. The technique used is to wind slowly while tilting the rod nib which gives these popular ice fishing jigs a lively movement. For this I use a fishing UL-rod for 2-10 grams which is 5 1/2 feet long, and 0.12 fireline with jigs of 5-10 grams. This provides better control on the tilting and is incredible to work the fish with.My biggest pike I caught with this was 15 lbs. It is important to set the brakes correctly with this type of fishing because the tackle is not the most solid type.

The best time for fishing in this way is from May, when it starts getting warmer in the water, and throughout the summer. The fishing at this time goes on at depths down to 15 feet, but can of course be done deeper. The ideal is to find shallow places with transitions to the steep edges toward the depths. Outside of the weed edges and vegetation is also always good places to find pike. One thing that has been noticed by anglers is that jigs with odor such as Berkley Power grub or Berkley Power Shad has fished much better than jigs without odor. Fishing with popular ice fishing jigs can also be done by boat or on the ice. My best ice fishing jigs are swimming jigs. They are far better than other pike jigs when doing pike fishing.


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