Reel And Rod Combos

Reel And Rod Combos

Reel And Rod Combos

When purchasing a pike fishing reel and rod, one has to determine what kind of fishing they are going to do. Inside these store pages there are different fishing reel combos and fishing rod combos for sale. When considering fishing for pike remember they could be small or large “crocs” so one has to choose a reel and rod which is both handy and strong at the same time. Many new sport fishermen have made a great error and bought a cheap light spin package which includes weak reel and rod combos. When you fish for pike you have to be prepared to face a large specimen at some point, but new fishing enthusiasts are not aware of the power these guys possess. I have seen many examples of broken pike rods and broken pike reels when a newbie has tried to catch a big one.

A pike can give the impression it is calm and lazy in one moment and then suddenly explode with fury and tear your tackle to pieces if the line does not break first. I would purchase a medium strong pike rod with a medium strong reel for pike fishing. When choosing a pike reel, being a newbie, I recommend spinning reel and rod combos with an open face spinning reel. These are much better to operate and control than closed spinning reels and one can throw the pike bait much further and with more precision. It takes a bit longer for a new angler to master but is a much better choice. If you know nothing about fishing reel combos or fishing rod combos, I would recommend finding a good fishing forum and ask for recommendations from several experienced sports fishermen and come back here and search for specific combos. A purchase here is often much cheaper than going to a fishing tackle store. Purchasing reel and rod combos is quick, secure and easy here on my store pages.


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