Shimano Fishing Reels

Shimano Fishing Reels

Choosing the right pike reel depends on what level you are as a pike angler and what type of fishing you plan to do.Shimano fishing reels have high quality fishing reels of all sorts and is recommended first by us. If you are new and going to fish from land, the best choice is either a spincast or spinning reel. The easiest reel to operate for an inexperienced angler is a spincast reel. When throwing pike lures you only have to press down the line lock and release it at the right moment during the throw. Kids often use this and they learn to master them very quickly. If you are a little bit more experienced, a spinning reel is more “professional” and better in many ways, but are more complicated to operate.

With some exercise on a lawn or field, however, you can head for the pike waters. Okuma fishing reels series are excellent spinning reels but there are other manufacturers with other great spinning reels too. If you want a really strong and advanced reel you have to go for casting or baitcasting reels. These are made for handling big game and are often also used with trolling. Penn fishing reels are probably the leading manufacturer in this category, especially really big game . They are excellent reels to run large pike with but are a bit complicated to cast. One should train on a lawn to manage the balance between the lure weight and the speed of the reel. A good tip is to release the lure and adjust the brake so it sink somewhat slowly to the ground. If you do it incorrectly, you will have either a short throw or a backlash of the pike line in the reel. Now it is up to you to make the right decision when choosing a pike reel and by searching our store pages there should be a great chance to find a good one. As mentioned before, shimano fishing reels are our favourite when you want to start with pike fishing.


Shimano spinning reel
Shimano spinning reel is the test winner in many tests. Here are a review of spinning fishing reels. Spin reel is the type most people pick to allround fishery, both in saltwater and freshwater. With this equipment you can comfortably handle fish from the smallest and up to 22...

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