St Croix Fishing Rods

St Croix Fishing Rods

When purchasing the right pike rod one has to keep in mind that a pike can be extremely powerful. Many pike fishermen have underestimated these fish and had their pike rods broken or reels destroyed. They might seem lazy and slow but their nature is to accelerate to high speed in a fraction of a second and that demands great power.

Very often a pike or musky does not realize the hazard in the situation and comes willingly to the angler or boat and all of a sudden it will be scared and swim fast to escape. If you are not prepared (have loose brakes) the pike can easily break your weak rod if it is big and your reel has tight drag adjustment. Therefore, go for at least a medium strength pike rod for either spinning or bait fishing.

A pike spinning rod usually has to throw pike lures or musky lures from 5 – 40 grams so look for one that can easily throw lures in that range. A baitfishing rod for pike needs to be the strongest too, not only because you are targeting pike, but because you have to throw relatively heavy baitfish long distances. Regardless of your need, the pike rod should be easy to handle. Spincasting rods are usually ment for newbies as they often start with less complicated equipment easy to handle.They can withstand small and medium fish but we do not recommend these rods for big game fishing. We have tested some rods and can recommend these brands for any pike fishing experience ; St Croix Fishing Rods , Seeker Fishing Rods and Shimano Fishing Rods.


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