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Limberneck Spinnerbaits

Limberneck spinnerbaits are very effective lures for fishing. Spinnerbaits are spinners with big bush of colored hair,threads or feathers attached to the hooks. This began with ABU`s Reflex which had red feathers in and around the hooks. This appeared to be an extremely good pike lure and by developing this principle we see a lot variations of these. Pike are attracted to this in several ways. The spinning is visual both by blinking and turning around and it makes vibrations and sounds in the water. The tail with the bush of hair is similar to prey moving in the water and the colors reinforce this impression. Limberneck spinnerbaits lure is very popular and can be bought in most fishing tackle shops, but you can easily making spinnerbaits yourself.

Just find a relatively large spinner and gather all kinds of colorful thread, hair or feathers and make a combination of these. Attach and tie this skirt to the hooks and then you have a pike spinnerbait deep. Just make sure the skirt is soft enough for the fish to come in contact with the hooks.Once you have tried making spinnerbaits you will continue to do it because it is easy and quick. These lures are specially developed to function well among weeds as it rarely gets stuck. I also use pike spinnerbait deep in free water over stone beds and catch many pike each year in that way.Find your favourite limberneck spinnerbaits in our well stocked store.


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