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Finding spoons and lures are not necessarily an easy thing. No 100% fishing spoons has been made and we all have our favourites. Local conditions play a very important role in this. For example, shiny big silver pike fishing spoons is not the right spoon for shallow grassy places. In those areas we need smaller, lighter fishing spoons which will not easily get caught-up on grass. Some grass will sometimes hang on it, but most times these spoons will be clean. When it comes to pike fishing spoons and lures, my personal favourites are ABU`s Toby and Atom. I know there are hundreds of other good pike spoons which I have never tested or seen so I guess there are other fishing spoons at least as good as my favourites. However, good advice for a new pike angler is that pike seems to like big silver spoons with big wiggly movements.

Never use static pike lures which move like a healthy fresh fish since a pike will rarely go for it. A healthy fish represents a hard chase with lot of energy waste for the pike. Another tip is to reel in pike fishing spoons slowly and just outside the weed line. They tend to be in grass pockets and ambush fish that pass by. Also, place your fishing spoons in water pockets inside big grassy areas since pike do not like to attack into grass and want clean areas when grabbing their prey. That is logic, I guess, since you would not like to get your mouth full of grass when eating your sandwich. Following this advice will certainly lead to catching one or more pike when using fishing spoons and lures correctly.


Trout Spoons
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