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Topwater Lures

Topwater Lures

Pike fishing on the waters surface is a very exciting and fun way of fishing pike and musky. A splash and a jerk on the line when the topwater lures are ambushed will give you a big adrenaline rush and every interest from a pike to the lure is noticed and will alert you. Pike eat a lot of things including small birds (ducklings), small mammals (rats, mice) and frogs. All these creatures move near or on the surface and are frequently ambushed by fish predators. A duck with ducklings lose a significant number of them during their first weeks to pike or other fish predators and finding a small duck in a pikes stomach is quite common. My experience with surface pike fishing is limited to using pike poppers as top water lures with a fly rod.

A pike popper moves both under and on the surface and either way, pike strike and make you almost jump out of your boots. There are a large variety of topwater pike lures and they all move as the previously mentioned creatures. I recommend trying out several types before you eventually stick to a few of them. A quick tip is to use a jerkbait with three treble hooks as they tend to trigger surface attacks when used properly. Different winding techniques can make a big difference with these so take your time and be patient and use them many times before you decide which will or will not do when pike fishing. Finding the right pike topwater lures can start here when buying your pike lures online.


Bass Topwater
Top Water Lures For Bass By Lester Paul Roberts Most lures designed to be worked on the surface can be divided into sub-groups, including Chuggers (has a concave mouth that spits water when chugged), Splash Baits (plain, cigar shaped lures for dog walking), Prop-Baits (usually with propellers fore and aft), Twitch Baits...

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